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“All the learning is still very much with me, and I think it will be for a long, long time. As I said in my final session, this was one of the most rewarding training courses I have attended since being in my organisation for 17 years. Yesterday was a year since I have been in my current position, and without the program and the support of you, your team and all of those on the program, I’m not sure I could have gotten this far. I was almost broken and in a very vulnerable state when I started as I was a new manager struggling with difficult staff and a heavy workload. I was literally an emotional wreck, but I’m proud to be here a year on, a lot stronger and more confident in my role (thanks to you). I am grateful for all of the help, support and guidance. 

Please let me know if you need me to be the voice of your future programs and the benefits. I hope this will be rolled out to all staff as I have expressed this to our learning and development team because the benefits for me have been priceless.”

Accommodations Manager

“This has been one of the best courses I’ve been on ever. I’ve been around a long time, and this course has been almost like doing a SWOT analysis on yourself. It made me see my influence and the contribution I’ve made to the organisation and my team. I know myself better, and having various tools and models with the theories behind them has helped me as I’ve delivered what I’m learning to my team. The Action Learning Sets have allowed me to understand our influence on the community and the stakeholders.

Every single aspect was excellent. It was a wholesome package. Thank you to the leadership team for allowing this course to be done, I’ve taken it back to my team, and it’s benefitted the team as well. It’s been a win-win for me, my team and the organisation.”

Education Manager

“This whole journey has been enlightening. I came on this course not knowing what to expect, but I’m taking away a lot more than I expected. It’s been a great course, really interactive. Change management was my challenge, and this course helped me achieve a successful change in my service. It’s helped me value myself and start incorporating that into my practice. The techniques, the 360 evaluation and coaching, everything, I have applied them. It’s been a self-exploration journey leading me to know what I want as a leader and how I understand myself, listen to others and allow myself to grow. This course has given me a new perspective. It’s been a safe space to speak openly about the issues we have as managers. We will continue with meeting and peer supporting each other.”

Legal Service Manager

“I have to thank the facilitators for a genuinely great and powerful course. Thank you to the organisation for allowing me to come on this course. The space has been safe. It has allowed us to be vulnerable with every aspect interwoven with each other, like a golden thread. I didn’t want to miss any of the sessions. For me, the 360 and coaching were very powerful. Everyone that gave 360 feedback validated me. The session on managing resources budgets was brilliant. I’ve reflected on this workshop, and I now have more conversations about managing the budgets, which is not just for senior managers. I find myself being more accountable and responsible in helping to manage the budgets, and I’m seeing this more of myself when I’m in meetings. I’ve been looking at spending and how we can reduce and get value for money. I’m using what I learned to develop my team as well. Sometimes people see leadership as managing tasks. Leadership is about how we manage people, and self-leadership is important so I can lead by example. I think this is such a powerful course that, as an organisation, it would benefit senior leaders to have this incredible experience as well.”

Team Manager

“I want to thank the group and everyone putting on this course. It’s helped me acknowledge what I have to offer; I’ve always acknowledged other people, not myself. I’m now learning to be more open and be more confident in putting myself in the other person’s shoes to understand it from their point of view. This course and this group have given me the confidence to embrace my abilities so that I can help other people more. It’s been a really fun journey. I’m praying that we will all achieve our goals with what we’ve learned.”

Procurement Officer

“The development programme DPR provided was about me, not a tick-box exercise to make the organisation look good like other training. It’s been amazing; if I look at where I started and where I am now, it’s been incredible.”

Resources Manager

“The programme has helped me develop my confidence, and I now clearly understand the difference between leadership and management. The programme, the workshops, the 360 Evaluation and the Action Learning Sets have been great, and I really enjoyed the open and frank conversations.”


“I feel more confident and more comfortable in myself. The 360 feedback and coaching were really helpful in me looking at how I see myself and how other people see me, recognising my strengths and absorbing that and not getting caught up in the ‘imposter syndrome. The GROWTH Mindset tool for the workshop made me much more reflective in appreciating other people and being open to situations. I’ve had more positive outcomes because I’ve been more open to others. It’s something that I’m practising.”

Safeguarding Manager

“I was able to get feedback about how I’m doing and how people see me. It helped me realise my value, and everyone has been encouraging. You sometimes think you are the only one going through something, and knowing that other people have either experienced it or will share ideas about how to move forward and just network has been great. This course has helped me open up my mindset and have a Growth Mindset, to think about the bigger picture, how I fit into it, and what I can do to make the team perform better and reach the outcomes that are all wanting to achieve collectively. I really, really enjoyed it.”

Team Leader

“I came on this course when I’d only just taken on this management role, not knowing what leadership style I had, what to do or how to solve problems or how to motivate the team whose morale was low. I didn’t have very much confidence. The 360 and the coaching session with one of the course leaders was fantastic. It’s given me confidence and helped me know I can do this. The meta-mirroring techniques I learned in the workshop made me stop and think about why my staff react as they do. It’s been something that I can use in my personal life, not just at work. It’s made me think about how I react and how that causes others to respond.”

Team Manager

“The whole journey helped me to embrace the ethos of leadership. It helped me to look differently at situations. I’ve learned to look at myself as a leader of others within the team and the organisation. Thinking about making changes will help us make robust decisions and promote the values by looking at things as a whole. I’m now in a better position to lead the organisation.

I’ll continue to listen in its entirety to understand what’s said before I jump to find a solution. I’ll continue to use the tool ‘seek, listen, explore’ tool. I’m embracing my power, understanding cognitive therapy watching the words I use to describe myself and the world around me. The thing that I want to remember is my coaching session and our group discussion. It was interesting that confidence was an issue for all of us. What is it that brings us to ourselves? It makes me see that I’ve been giving myself a hard time. I’ve learned to think about the words I use to describe myself and the world around me because I can create my experience by how I feel and think.”

Enforcement Officer

“First I’d like to thank everyone who has made this course possible. DPR delivered a well-constructed course. It allowed us to be honest and transparent, sharing and learning together as a group. We had space to develop individually and as a team. It’s been great. I came into this knowing that I was going through a process of deciding what to do with my career, so this course gave me a chance to have the space to do the self-analysis so I could look at myself in more detail. t’s brought me to a place of peace, acceptance and growth. I now know what my narrative is and what my future will be. I want to use what I’ve learned to benefit my team and the organisation.

Project Manager

“The most important thing for us is to take care of our professional development, and our managers should support us to be where we want to be. his course has allowed me to get off the treadmill and pause and think about what I want to achieve. y colleagues on this course, have supported me to adjust my lens so I can be different.

For me, the 360 plus the coaching has allowed me to look at myself, who I am and think about what I’ve achieved so far and where I’m going in the future. I valued learning about the whole concept of a Growth Mindset and difficult conversations, thinking about my behaviours and making sure the feedback loop is solid. I’ve learned to be curious about what other people might be going through, not just what I’m going through, the relationships you have with people and knowing who people are, their skill sets, and their lives matter. t’s now not just about people completing the task, I’m understanding their value base as well. No matter how long you’ve been in a job you still have to be learning and growing.

Service Manager

“This has been a powerful course which came at the right time for me. I realised that what I’m going through, others are going through it as well. The coaching I got was powerful.

Service Quality Manager

“Thank you to the facilitators and the organisation and fellow colleagues. The similarity between us was incredible. I saw that we undervalued ourselves, and I want to tell my colleagues that we’re enough. We are in the positions we’re in because we are enough. There is nothing that we are not capable of achieving. I want to encourage everyone in this group to continue on this journey. There are many things that I’ve realised about myself (workwise and personally) as a result of this course and I think we’ve been left with many things that will allow us to continue the journey this course has taken us on.

Fostering Manager

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