• Be part of a network of managers with access to good practice tools, problem

resolution strategies and peer support.


Overall Purpose


  • Support the delivery of high impact services
  • Develop managers who are self aware and committed to further learning.
  • Provide opportunities to target areas of development and get support.
  • Create an ongoing management community to learn, share and support each other.


Front Line Managers Development Programme - "Building Managers for the Future"


“Building Managers for the Future” is a development programme for front-line managers responsible for supervising social work practice. The programme provides a strong understanding of the skills and behaviours required to be an outstanding manager.


The programme will significantly increase the potential for front-line managers to:


  • Secure positive outcomes for children and young people and vulnerable adults.
  • Deliver high impact services.
  • Be part of a highly able management talent pool.
  • Be equipped to succeed in achieving promotion.


Benefits for Participants


Participants in the programme will:

  • Have the opportunity to review their current performance.
  • Be helped to understand their individual strengths and key areas for development.
  • Develop their knowledge, skills and confidence.